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Comunitatea DARKARENA isi deschide portile pentru intreg publicul.
Va asteptam cu un cont pe forum si sa va alaturati comunitatii noastre!
TICKRATE HOSTING [www.tickrate.ro]
"Suntem o firma noua de hosting pe piata din Romania si de la bun inceput, incercam sa oferim cele mai bune si avantajoase servicii.
Noi incercam sa facem ca ofertele noastre sa fie pe placul dvs, nu ezitati sa ne contactati.
Pentru serverele de jocuri detinem un panou de control de ultima generatie, pentru o administrare usoara si simpla, a serviciilor."
SERVERBOARD PANEL [www.serverboard.ro]
Putem spune, un nou mod de a iti administra serviciile gazduite de firma noastra [www.tickrate.ro].
Panel-ul realizat de catre tehnicienii nostrii, este un tablou de control din care poti efectua comenzi foarte simplu si usor, catre serviciile tale active pe contul de client.


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  2. hey why Reject my Request i Don't Get Banned in The server


  3. Hello everyone,i will go straight to the point to keep it short. WHAT IS THIS ? This is a costum commandmenu "press H in game" for cs1.6 admins. HOW TO INSTALL ? method1 Go to Cstrike inside your CS1.6 folder and look for Commandmenu.txt and edit it and put this instead of the original text : // Command Menu Layout // // // // Basic Format: // "<Bound Key>" "<Button Text>" "<Command sent to server>" // // // // // Buttons can also open up submenus, as follows: // { // "Some More Options", // { // ... // } // } // // // Buttons preceded with "CUSTOM" are handled in special ways. They can Bot Only be moved // around or deleted. // // // Limitations: // Maximum of 40 menus. // Maximum of 100 buttons per menu. //-------------------------------------------------------- // Everything below here is editable "1" "Demo" { "1" "Record" "messagemode record" "2" "Stop Recording" "stop" "3" "Play" "messagemode viewdemo" } "2" "AMXX MENU" { "1" "Slap Menu" "amx_slapmenu" "2" "Kick Menu" "amx_kickmenu" "3" "Gag Menu" "amx_gagmenu" "4" "Admin say" "messagemode amx_csay" "5" "Ban Menu" "amx_banmenu" "6" "Map Menu" "amx_mapmenu" "7" "Team Balance Menu" "amx_teammenu" "8" "Votemap Menu" "amx_votemapmenu" } "3" "Client Commands" { "1" "Reset Score" "say /resetscore" "2" "Thetime" "say thetime" "3" "Nextmap" "say nextmap" "4" "Timeleft" "say timeleft" "5" "Voteban" "say /voteban" "6" "Choose Language" "amx_langmenu" "7" "Admin List" "say /admin" "8" "Reconnect" "reconnect" "9" "Status Command" "toggleconsole; status" } "4" "CommandMenu for CSBD admins" } "0" "EXIT" "slot10" Method2 Download "THIS" and put it iside your CSTRIKE folder NOTE: this isn't my idea,you can find a lot more commandmenus HERE, this is the one i made for myself to make my life as an admin much easier and i wanted to share it with other admins.
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